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Wednesday 14 June 2017 4.31pm
Having been registered at the Grange Road Practice for the last 20 years, we have been advised it is to close (really no great loss) and we need to register elsewhere. Dun Cow is probably our closest, but grateful for any recommendations on good surgeries in the area

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Thursday 15 June 2017 10.14am
don't go to decima street! unless you want to fight for an appointment or die!
Thursday 15 June 2017 10.20am
kellandj wrote:
don't go to decima street! unless you want to fight for an appointment or die!

Couldn't agree more. Avoid this surgery like the plague - it's awful.
Thursday 15 June 2017 10.56am
I just wish they were a bit friendlier at the reception desk in the Decima Street surgery.
Thursday 15 June 2017 11.04am
6, yes SIX weeks for an appointment currently at Decima street. They just keep registering more and more people. Hopefully you won't be dead by the time you get seen by the latest random locum fresh out of medical school
Thursday 15 June 2017 11.49am
It's a shame Decima street used to be wonderful. Very difficult to get GP. Appointment , no wonder patients go to hospital.
Thursday 15 June 2017 11.59am
Six weeks is the norm at Decima Street. The "sick queue" - often 20 people in it by 8.00 am - is like something out of a third world country. The surgery seems to be almost proud of this public exhibition outside its premises.

Let's not forget that these people (the GP partners in BLM or "Nexus" as it is now called) are running a business and for each patient they register they're making money. I think it's disgusting that they continue to register patients if they have no resources to be able to provide patient care...

The stock response from the surgery is "swingeing cuts to general practice funding", but the BLM average full time GP salary (so not for a partner of the practice, but just a Joe Bloggs GP) is 69,543. Compare that with 56,937 for Surrey Docks Health Centre or, alternatively, 64,798 for Albion Street.
Thursday 15 June 2017 7.47pm
I would hate to be a GP with so many ungrateful patients and an amazing sense of entitlement.

If it takes 6 weeks to get an appointment, what do you think that the GPs are doing during this time? Twiddling their thumbs? London surgeries are amongst the busiest in the country (and challenging since some boroughs are in highly deprived areas) and there is only so much you can do in a 10 minute appointment.

If blame is being passed around, what about the high percentage of no-shows, people who bed-block appointments, people seeking sick notes to avoid going to work (bad back syndrome), people who come to get non-essential documentation signed, or people who turn up with minor ailments like coughs and colds when the best thing is to do is to get some rest? What about Councils like Southwark that are building high density flats like there's no tomorrow without any thought or provision for new surgeries? And don't get me started on people who go to A&E for a "second opinion", who selfishly end up putting a strain on that service. Rather than solely be medical practitioners, GPs have inadvertently in addition become social workers - as many turn to them for help due to all the budget cuts. As with any service that is free, the whole system is so badly abused. I know it is against the free at point of use ethos, but I bet the number of people who would go to the GP would reduce drastically if a nominal charge were introduced.

And as for the comment about being seen by the latest "local random fresh out of medical school" - what's that all about? GPs undergo 3 years training before they qualify (as well as continuous training) so what's that got to do with anything? So many GPs are quitting the profession and it is struggling to attract new entrants that I'm afraid the average age is only going to get younger.

There's so little empathy these days - on the one hand, as a country we always bleat on about how much we value the NHS and then on the other hand sneer that GPs are only interested in making money - 60k for so many year of medical training is pretty low in my view. The figures will vary between practices as the number of patients etc that have to be seen by the GP will vary.
Thursday 15 June 2017 8.24pm
Hear hear dharle! I was with Decima for 7 years, no health issues but three pregnancies, baby clinics, immunisations, etc, etc and always very happy. I always found the receptionists extremely lovely.

Now I'm at Aylesbury Surgery (out of area) but part of the same group as Dun Cow. Also very happy.
Thursday 15 June 2017 8.49pm
don't got to Princess st either in my opinion
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