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Mugged outside my own flat

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Friday 14 August 2009 9.26am
I was mugged outside Strood and Medway House (next to Long Lane, Staple Street and Manciple Street) last night around 10.45pm by two small build black boys aged around 15-17. One of them came running at me from behind and grabbed my bag from my shoulder, I held onto it until he shouted to the second boy to "get the knife". Once I heard that I thought it was best just to let it go. I wasn't hurt badly, just a graze on my elbow and wrist and obviously a bit shaken. My bag didn't contain anything of much value - just a few dvd's and a library book. I called the police straight away, they were great - arrived really quickly and took me out in their car to see if we could find them. Unfortunately we didn't and as it was dark and they had their hoods up, I won't be able to identify them.

I have lived in Strood House for 5 years and have never had any problems like this before. It really sickens and saddens me to think that something like this can happen on your doorstep. In fact I really wish it hadn't happened outisde my flat as from now on every time I go out I will be worried about it happening again.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to post this as a warning for anyone else who lives in the area to be a bit more careful at night so it doesn't happen to them.
Friday 14 August 2009 9.44am
Pity you never had a spray can of bright yellow paint in your hand, they would have to shave to get the paint out!

We were bought up in Strood House from 1949 and had our keys tied to a piece of string behind the letter box, what a shame lets hope they get these idiots before they go on to greater and nastier deeds.
Friday 14 August 2009 9.51am
Very sorry to hear your news. Try to remember the old adage about lightning never striking in the same place twice. It could have happened anywhere, so don't let rubbish like them affect the rest of your life.One of my daughters was at Brent Cross a couple of years ago and a guy tried to snatch her handbag. She screamed at him and resisted and he eventually let go and ran off. The shame was that this happened next to a long line of traffic that was stationary at the time and not one person came to my daughter's aid. 'Mugging' is nothing new, only the name changes. Go back far enough in time to the 'cutpurses' for proof of that. Such things are often cyclical. I can remember my granfather telling me that it wasn't safe to walk along the Old Kent Road a hundred years ago and even the bobbies on the beat patroled in pairs. I hope this present sign of the times will one day turn full circle and we will once again feel same to walk the streets. We had the 'Teddy Boys' back in the fifties and the 'Mods and Rockers'in the sixties, but I felt safe walking the streets back then and, hopefully, one day will again.
Friday 14 August 2009 10.30am
This happened to a friend of mine 10 days after he moved into his new flat in Kennington. It's a horrible experience; hope you recover quickly and don't let them get you down.
Friday 14 August 2009 10.58am
Horrid kids giving all the other kids a bad name. So sorry to hear about this, it sure does shake one up. Hope you didnt have much cash, so they have no reason to crow!
Saturday 15 August 2009 8.19am
Same thing happened to me Aug 02 2008 though it was just one boy on his own at 4am on Tabard street right outside the Royal Oak pub as we turned to go into Abinger house where we live, I still can't walk down Tabard without looking over my shoulder x

Life's too short live it!!!

D x
Saturday 15 August 2009 9.08pm
Suppose if i was a female in this area and it was dark and did not feel safe i would keep a can of hairspray close to hand. Quick burst of hairspray to the eyes will blind an attacker.

just over 2 years ago i was on the underground travelling from southwark to New Cross . 2pm in the afternoon in a carriage half full of people , was just sat there reading the paper when two males attacked me for no other reason they didn't like the fact i was in ambulance uniform. Got a few cuts and bruises and a chipped tooth whilst everyone on the train just sat and watched. I suppose luckily have done plenty of self defence training (these days ambulance crews have to do "conflict management" and wear body armour whilst on duty) and after several years of being in the army it wasn't the first time i had been in a fight , so got off pretty lightly. The police were more baffled that it was just a random attack , they didn't even try and mug me. (possibly cos when they hit me ..i happily hit them back ;) )

but just goes to show attacks like this can happen anytime and anywhere for no apparent reason ...
Sunday 16 August 2009 1.09am
Exactly the same thing happened to me in Tanner Street
back in May. It was a group of five or six black teenagers with hoods on who pulled my bag. The police came home but I told them I could not identify the kidīs faces. I saw a similar looking group of kids again (they wore the same clothes) a few days later in the corner of Long Lane and Staple street. My friend and I followed them in the car. They gathered together by Tabard Gardens and then split in pairs walking in different directions mobiles in hand. I called the police again and we went for a ride around the area; the policemen were very helpful and tried their best driving even inside some estates and "chicken shops" but we couldnīt find them. they told me that they receive one or two calls a day about people getting mugged by teenagers in the area; many times they arrest them but their parents donīt even bother to pick them up at the police station...
Sunday 16 August 2009 10.59pm
i lived in west hampstead once...and coming home one night was confronted by a fellow with an eastern european accent and a tiny dog, not unlike that on the TV show Frazier....the guy flashed his 'egg' bank card at me, claimed to be a policeman, and insisted that his 'sneeffer dog' must 'sneef' me.

when i stopped to tell him he was being an eejit, he lunged at me, glanced a blow off the side of my head, and i backed up the street fearful for my life, looking to see if he was going to pull a knife or something else on me.

when it became apparent he wasn't, i stopped running and, quite literally, punched him senseless. when he turned and ran, I phoned the coppers and chased him through the streets while speaking with police dispatch...but i lost him on a dark road. Turned out that 20 minutes earlier he had tried the same stunt and beat up/robbed an elderly dog walker.
Friday 21 August 2009 8.14am
I wanted to highlight a mugging that took place yesterday not far from the attack on Jamesm. At around 9pm last night a women was mugged outside 22 Leathermarket Street, just along from the Leather Exchange pub.

The attackers, four teenage males, took her bag and ran off past the Leather Exchange pub turned right into Weston Street and then possibly down Guy Street. At least one was wearing a black top and one wearing a light grey/white top, also one may have shoulder length hair, possibly braided.

Hopefully the Police will get pictures from the many CCTV cameras that are outside the nearby office building and outside the Leathermarket Joint Management Board.

I am shocked by the frequency of muggings in this neighbourhood and the relatively early evening timing of yesterday's attack. I sincerely hope that Jamesm and the women mugged last night recover from their attacks.
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