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Sunday 17 January 2010 12.29am
Dear SE1-ERs
Has anyone had any paranormal experiences in the last few years in the area? There is lots of info on the internet about stuff, but it is quite old/folk law ?

Just wondering as I am thinking of writing about it.
I had one strange one on Blackfriars Bridge about eight
years ago. And have some bizarre, and witnessed by sane people happenings in my flat.

Any way I just wondered. Or am I the only weirdo?
Sunday 17 January 2010 1.27pm
Sunday 17 January 2010 8.15pm
I don't believe in all that stuff but, just to give it a fair crack of the whip, I went to a 'paranormal' evening some years ago. The medium asked if anyone had had a physical encounter with a ghost. A Welshman standing next to me put his hand up. I couldn't believe it. I said, "Have you really had a physical encounter with a ghost?" He said, "Oh, sorry boy, I thought he said 'Goat.'"
Monday 18 January 2010 12.48am
Chalky that is hysterical better than any ghost story.I not sure I believe either, I have just had some un-explainable happenings, one witnessed by two policemen. I know these things happened but I am not saying I know what the answer is? Paranormal is not necess. a ghost just something not normal with no explanation too it, we can fathom.

Any way I should post- Has anyone had any experience of GOATS
Monday 18 January 2010 1.11am
donna flavia wrote:
Any way I should post- Has anyone had any experience of GOATS
No goats, but bit of a mix of sheep and ghosts... On holiday in the Sierra Nevada in Spain, my then girlfriend and I were hiking to the deserted ruin of an old castle, quite high on a mountain. The whole area was quite suggestive, the walk was long and to entertain her I made up a story, according to which the old ruin was haunted by the ghosts of old Spanish knights. I told the story too well for my own good, for when we finally arrived at the ruin and were about to enter it, we froze in horror at the sound of clanging metal and the stamping of many hoofs: we were almost ran over - by a flock of sheep with bells around their necks. They lived in the barn and my voice scared them, so they tried to escape through the same doorway we used to come in. In the few seconds it took me to realise what really happened an image of skeletons in armour riding spectral horses flashed through my mind. This is more than 20 years ago, but I'll never forget those few seconds of total terror...
Monday 18 January 2010 8.06am
BLIMEY! great story. I've had a lot of episodes of second sight, but I take it in my stride, my great grandfather was a Romany gipsy.
Monday 18 January 2010 10.24am
My wife says that with me it was love at first sight. If she'd had second sight she'd still be single.
Joking apart, Donna, I'm very curious as to what your experience was. Do tell.
I read a story many years ago, written by the entertainer Tommy Steele. When he was a kid he was dangerously ill in hospital and wasn't certain to survive. One night, while he was in his hospial cubicle lying at death's door, he heard childlike laughter. Then a small, red ball came over the partition. He managed to crawl out of bed and throw the ball back. This happened a few times. The next morning he astounded everyone with his miraculous recovery and was back home within a few days. When he told his parents about the strange episode with the ball and his young, 'playmate' his parents went white. Apparently, Tommy had a brother who died when he was a toddler before Tommy was born and the red ball had been his favourite toy. It gave me goose bumps reading it.
Monday 18 January 2010 10.37am
Small world, Jackie. I heard rumours as a kid that my great grandfather was a romany too. He was a bit of a wanderer, certainly. One of his part-time jobs was as a rigger on William Cody's, (Buffalo Bill's) wild west show when it toured the country in the late nineteenth century. I have tried to trace the family tree, but he doesn't appear on any records, including the 1901 and 1911 census. I've had too many 'de ja vue' experiences to count. It's quite common for me to drive to a place that I've never been to before and know exactly what's around the next corner. Unfortunately I haven't yet seen the coming week's winning lottery numbers.
Monday 18 January 2010 11.09am
Loving the almost biblical,debunking of paranormal with the sheep and goats. I have heard The Tomy Steele story before, so it is not 'little white bull'-- bum bum.
Well Chalky my Blackfrars Bridge Story happend in Summer 01. I was working at The Bridewelltheatre and was called for 6.30pm. I was running (late) across Blackfriars Bridge. In the Alcove on the middle bit of
the Bridge I stopped as a woman about 35yrs, very black hair, dressed like a modern goth was sobbing sat on the bench. I asked her if she was OK. Then I noticed she was ringing wet, dripping and there was a puddle of water coming from her. There was a strong smell of '70s bubble bath/vosene/lavender. She then stood up on the seat and I though she was going to jump into the thames. She was very thin as well.
I tried to comfort her but it ,made her go hysterical, so I backedoff a bit and she calmed down when I did, eventually sitting back down. What to do? I backed off, down the natural slope .Icalled the police fom my mobile. I waited about five mins, I tried to go back but when I did it set her off and she got up on the seat again, so I stayed a distance. About ten mins later, the police had not arrived, so i rang back and said I was going to The Bridewell and now v.late but I did not want to leave her. Whilst on the phone, the police came up the road, from the Ludgate Direction, I signalled as they passed me to the woman who was still there they drove past her on the otherside of the road, did a u turn and pulled up by the alcove. Knowing she was now in safe hands I ran to the theatre.
Later that night when I came off stage, two police men (apparently the ones from the call out) were waiting to intereview me. They had seen the girl as they came up the road from the car ( she had stood up again on the bench I should have mentioned) but when they did there U Turn and parked. She had vanished. They had found the puddle of water and the perfume smell ( I had not mentioned this on the phone to the police) They were both clearly very perplexed and shocked.
I supose the simple explanation was she jumped. This as the police pointed out would have involved quite a climb on to the very thick wall there.

But I could see her up until the car pulled up? So how could she do that without at least the Police seeing it? They obvioulsy called the water police etc and no body was found , nobody saw her jump. The other thing I thought of after was nobody else at this busy time of the day stopped or seemed to notice.
So I had to give a statement to what had happened to a clearly shaking policeofficer at the station a few days later. That is the story, no farmyard animals I am afriad.
I also have had the second sight thing alot Jackie. And I have had a few other things again witnessed in my flat. But that Blackfriars Bridge incident baffles me.
Monday 18 January 2010 11.28am
I was putting the key in my front door and I heard the sound of toddlers feet shuffling along the corridor behind me. It was that deliberate shuffling walk kids like to do sometimes. I could also hear a woman's voice from somewhere near the stairwell so I turned round to say 'where's mummy?' or something and there was no-one there. I went to the stairs and saw the woman on her phone going into her flat, with no kid. I neither believe in ghosts nor believe there's no such thin, though I do like spookiness. Maybe there's a rational explanation. Seemed very real at the time.

I've looked out for ghost stories in the area. Apparently the Market Porter is haunted by a whole bar full!

There's one from the London Dungeon that's a bit freaky. Obviously a place that's going to encourage 'sightings' but this one does bother staff. Once in a while visitors ask how the ghost children effect is done. It's always in the same place and seems to be really impressive, only there isn't one. Most of the people who see this little boy and girl say they seem very happy.
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